What do we want at evening service?

At our last evening service we had a great talk about what we’d like the evening service to look like. I was expecting a few contributions, but it ended up being a very lengthy discussion (about 45 min) that I considered very healthy and helpful.

Here’s a recap of some of the suggestions we’re going to start including in our evening service:

  • People’s conversion testimonies/stories – we’ll have a different person share each Sunday night how he/she came to know the Lord. Carl Templin is sharing tonight and Audrey is sharing next Sunday. We’re going to try to have an emphasis on new people so we can get to know them.
  • Jim Donald regularly follows trends in churches throughout the nation and he’s going to occasionally provide us with interesting things he reads. This will probably take place when we don’t have an update from one of our missionaries.
  • I’m going to start covering Bible questions people send me, so if you’re wondering about something, please e-mail me. I’ll study the answer and bring it Sunday night and we can discuss it. I’ve already received a question from someone about children being punished for the sins of their parents: does that happen? It looks like it did in 2 Sam 21 when the Gibeonites killed seven of Saul’s sons for his sin. We’ll look at this question soon!
  • Sunday night might also be a good time to discuss:
    • Things we’d like to see in our church
    • Things we’d like to improve in our church
    • Things we’re doing in our church that people have questions about
    • If you have a suggestion that wasn’t mentioned at our last evening service, please let me know!

Just to be clear, we’ll still be doing the music and testimony time at the beginning of the service, but I’m not sure how long it will last…maybe 15-20 minutes? We’ll also be doing our time of corporate prayer at the end. So if you haven’t been to Sunday Evening Service recently, come check it out and be encouraged!

Do you have a question or thought? If so, please share!