The Importance of Home Fellowships

When we visited our previous church Grace Baptist I realized just how many home fellowships they have during the week…seven I think. For a church of their size (about 180-200) it seemed like a pretty big number, and each fellowship had about ten to twelve people. Two different families have talked to me about the fellowship in our church, wanting to be more involved with others, wanting to know others better, etc. I think that can be partially accomplished at some of our events, but the special events we have are usually more of a superficial nature. By that, I just mean there’s a larger focus on fun and enjoyment than sharing serious things that really let you know what’s going on in other people’s lives, while letting others know what’s going on in your life.

I’d love to see another home fellowship start (on a different night of the week than Wednesday so that people who can’t make it Wednesday might be able to attend). While I wouldn’t mind people from our Wednesday study attending, my hope is a new home fellowship would involve people who aren’t already attending the Wednesday night study…unless a night other than Wednesday would be better for them.

I’ve seen people experience a lot of success just choosing a book of the Bible they like and going through it verse-by-verse. If you’re not comfortable with that, Chris Booker has numerous videos you could borrow that would facilitate discussion and take some of the load off  regarding having to come up with your own material each week.

There are two important rules I’ve learned for home fellowships to be successful:

  1. Meet each week.
  2. Meet at the same place.

It’s been my experience when these rules aren’t followed, home fellowships don’t usually do well. Also, don’t be discouraged if it starts off small. They usually do start off that way and then grow over time. Six to eight people, or three to four couples is a great start!

Pray about it and see if God puts it on your heart to open your home and invite others over! If there’s any way I could support you, please let me know.

Do you have a question or thought? If so, please share!

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