God is a Father and He wants to see maturity in His children. Consider how tragic it is when children remain immature. God feels the same about us!

The Maturity Trials Produce in Our Lives

We have six children and our seventh is due May 2018. Our oldest child is ten, and while we have enjoyed our children at all ages, we still want to see them mature. When they make decisions that disappoint us, we feel disappointed with their maturity. Consider how tragic it would be if children remained[…]

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Counsel for a child becoming a young man…

I was recently invited to speak at a young man’s 13th birthday party, with the parents viewing their son transitioning from child to young man. They asked some older men to challenge their son and exhort him about this next season of life. I was honored to be asked, and the “speech” I prepared follows. We’ll say[…]

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