Same-sex parenting

A video titled, “Two Lesbians Raised A Baby And This Is What They Got” surfaced on the Internet and drew a lot of attention. A nicely-dressed young man, Zach Wahls, stands up and shares his accomplishments: engineering student at the University of Iowa, Eagle Scout, 99th percentile on the ACT, owns and operates his own small business, etc.

I’ve been surprised by how many people are supporting this video for a number of reasons. You don’t need to hang out at the local social services office to have some idea of the importance fathers play in families and in the lives of their children. There’s a staggering amount of research regarding the father’s role and the unique ways they positively influence and impact their children. Unsurprisingly the research also identifies many negative ways children suffer when fathers are absent.  A simple Internet search will turn up numerous sites packed with research supporting this conclusion, but here’s one from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Another study recently came out showing the risks associated with homosexuals raising children. The Washington Times discussed it in an article titled “Study suggests risks from same-sex parenting.” The study states that “when compared with adults raised in married, mother-father families, adults raised by lesbian mothers had negative outcomes in 24 of 40 categories, while adults raised by gay fathers had negative outcomes in 19 categories.” Here’s a chart showing the outcomes:

Speaking of research, when did one example constitute a sampling remotely large enough to convince people of its legitimacy? One young man stands up and speaks and people are persuaded that this must be reality? The only way I can imagine people watching that video and being convinced homosexuals should raise children is if they already had a certain predisposition or belief the video happened to enforce.

Zach said, “The sexual content of my parents has had zero affect on my character.” How could he possibly know that unless he was also raised by a heterosexual couple and then able to contrast the two upbringings? You could argue that similarly I can’t turn around and say being raised by a homosexual couple is terrible compared to being raised by a heterosexual couple; however, I can tell you that it would be terrible to be raised without a mother or without a father and that is what happens with homosexual parents.

Regardless of what I think though, research completely argues against Zach’s assertions. Repeatedly he claimed their family and his upbringing is not different from the families and lives of heterosexual couples, but plenty of evidence shows how different and detrimental it is when homosexuals raise children. I was less inclined to share this link since it’s from the Family Research Council, a site that will be criticized for being unbiased, but the graphs and statistics on it are taken from secular, unbiased studies.

At one point Zach said, “The love that binds us is what makes a family.” While this sounds like a reasonable statement at first, a little logic makes it clear that a lot more than “binding love” is what makes a family. For example, would three men who love each other constitute a healthy family? What about four women who love each other? What about one man and multiple women who love each other, or one woman and multiple men who love each other? A reality television show documenting the lives of a fundamentalist Mormon family called Sister Wives involves a man who loves all his wives. If they said, “The love that binds us is what makes a family” would we view polygamy as an acceptable standard? I think we recognize “love” isn’t all that’s necessary to constitute a family, at least not a healthy one.

What if two pedophiles or drug addicts were married and they raised a child that turned out well? Would we identify them as premier examples of what families should be?

Zach said it’s important to be able to “marry the person you love”, which is another point that sounds good on the surface until the absurdity is considered. If the only requirement for two people to get married is that they love each other, why would we prohibit a 50 year old from marrying a 7 year old? Of course we’d identify this as perverse and outrageous even if the man said they were in love. So let’s be honest that loving someone shouldn’t be the only requirement for marriage.

Now while I don’t think Zach’s a necessarily immoral or ungodly young man, it’s worth noting that in all his sharing and discussion of the characteristics from his life that he believed would most accurately reveal who he is and impress on his listeners how well a homosexual couple can raise a child, he seemed to say very little about the morals and ethics he was taught. Yes, he did say they go to church and he’s an eagle scout, but that’s about it. If I was going to talk about my upbringing and hopefully convince people that it should be emulated I can’t imagine not mentioning the values my parents tried to instill in me.

I think sadder than anything else he said was the statement about going to church. What kind of church could they be attending if the leaders allow an actively homosexual couple to attend regularly? They can’t be attending a church where the Word of God holds any authority since it so clearly condemns homosexuality. Mentioning the Bible really brings this article full circle, because even though the evidence clearly shows marriage should be between a man and a woman, God’s Word should have the ultimate say since God created the institution of marriage and He clearly says, “a man shall be joined to a woman and the two shall become one flesh.”

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