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God intended marriage to be a great joy, but we can only experience this joy if we obey the principles in His Word. The Marriage God’s Way Workbook will help you apply the biblical recipe in Marriage God’s Way. Inside you will find:

  • Clear instructions on prayer, communication, and forgiveness
  • Insightful questions that solve marital frustrations
  • Practical exercises to enjoy with your spouse
  • Helpful discussion topics that strengthen your relationship

Use this great tool in your marriage, small group, or church. It is perfect for engaged couples, newlyweds, and marriage veterans. There are questions for husbands, wives, and both as a couple:

  • Husband: What are three ways your wife makes you feel respected? Disrespected?
  • Wife: Second only to Christ, do you feel like the supreme relationship in your husband’s life? Why or why not?
  • Husband: When your wife is suffering, do you feel like she takes it out on you like Rachel did with Jacob (Genesis 30:1)?
  • Wife: What can your husband do to help you more easily resist the temptation to nag him?
  • Both: What do we have in our home that threatens our holiness, and how do we remove it?

Regardless of the person asked, the purpose of each question in the Marriage God’s Way Workbook is to help you have a healthy, joyful, Christ-centered relationship!

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Table of Contents for Marriage God’s Way Workbook


Part I: Recognize That . . .

Part II: Genesis 1–3: Creation of Marriage and the Fall

Part III: Understanding Love

  • Chapter Seven: What Is Love?
  • Chapter Eight: Characteristics of Agape

Part IV: Ephesians 5:25–33: A Husband’s Call to Agape and a Wife’s Call to Respect

Part V: Understanding Submission

  • Chapter Twelve: Equal Opportunity Submission
  • Chapter Thirteen: What Submission Does Not Mean
  • Chapter Fourteen: Putting Your Husband in a Position to Lead

Part VI: 1 Peter 3:1–7: A Wife’s Beauty and a Husband’s Treatment

Part VII: 1 Corinthians 7:1–6: A Biblical View of Intimacy

Part VIII: Matthew 7:24–27: A Strong Foundation

  • Chapter Twenty-One: Building on Christ
  • Chapter Twenty-Two: The Importance of Obeying

Epilogue: The Mystery of Marriage

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Readers’ Favorite 5-Star Review of the Marriage God’s Way Workbook

If your marriage needs a face lift, then Marriage God’s Way Workbook by Scott LaPierre is the supplemental book for you! This workbook allows readers to reach spiritual epiphanies on how to better their marriage through biblical truths. The workbook, used with the actual book, is informative and presents practical ways to improve your marriage. Not only is this workbook based on the Truth of God’s Word, but also is specifically purposed for you and your marriage. The author has designed this book in such a way that it points out your own specific strengths and weaknesses that could be affecting your marriage. This book enabled me to realize some areas of my life that could be tweaked to help my marriage grow. With this workbook, you will be able to understand what God has to say. It is a personal tool that can be used to grow you in your marriage today.

One of my favorite parts of the workbook was where it explains how to apologize to your spouse in a sincere, godly way. Being an author myself, I must applaud Mr. LaPierre. His work points the arrow back to Jesus in regards to marriage. God can transform you and your spouse’s marriage through the book, and this supplemental workbook. If your marriage needs Christ’s strength, God’s healing, and biblical truth in action, with the Bible and this workbook you have the right tools in your hands. This workbook is important to purchase and complete in addition to the book. Marriage God’s Way Workbook sparks the book’s words, making them to come to life, and will set your heart on fire for God, rekindling your marriage.

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4 thoughts on “Marriage God’s Way Workbook—25% off

  1. WOW!! I was very surprised at the way this workbook handled the content of its counterpart. Scott really made an effort to create something that would genuinely benefit those seeking to empower their marriage the way God has intended marriage to be. After a brief read, I was so engulfed in the way it was put together, I actually found my copy of the Marriage God’s Way Book and re-read much of its content, so I could answer questions for myself and encouraged my wife to do the same.

    I am no prophet, but I can tell this is a beginning of a marriage revolution, and I cannot wait to witness it come in to fruition. This is a workbook we are going to see in churches and at marriage retreats all around the country one day, along with its counterpart; A really great addition to the Marriage God’s Way Movement that I believe is coming.

  2. An excellent workbook full of convicting and purposeful questions for spouses to ask of themselves and of each other. Truly this study is NOT for someone who is interested in justifying themselves and is not interested in change! These questions will uncover ugly areas you didn’t know you had. Until going over some of these questions with my husband, I had no idea that some common actions/words felt disrespectful to him. I was shocked and am thankful. The questions in this study are meaty and go right to the heart of the matter, not mincing words or wasting a couple’s time. A great study and valuable resource for those reading Marriage God’s Way!

  3. This workbook is amazing! Not only does it bring the book to life but it also demonstrates Scott’s good understanding of relationships. Scott has done a lot of studying on what the Bible says about marriage and he applies it in the book and workbook. But additionally he helps explain how that works out practically in marriage.
    In combination with the book this workbook will change your marriage!

  4. Would your marriage benefit from better communication? Would you enjoy a joy-filled marriage?

    I had the privilege of working with Scott and previewing the Marriage God’s Way Workbook. I have read both books, and I found the workbook to be an excellent, thorough companion to Marriage God’s Way. For each Marriage God’s Way chapter and section, Scott has carefully created thought-provoking questions for couples to identify and work through obstacles in their marriage and emerge with a stronger relationship. These action-oriented workbook questions will cause you to examine many areas of your life and marriage.

    As couples work through this book, they are encouraged to pray for their spouse, seek forgiveness, and truly learn to love and respect one another as God intended. You will learn how to communicate in a new way as you dig into the deep issues. If you want to improve your marriage and fully benefit from Marriage God’s Way, then I highly recommend this companion workbook.

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