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The God's Way bundle contains one copy of each of Pastor Scott's books:


Trailers for Marriage God’s Way and Enduring Trials God’s Way

Marriage God’s Way and Enduring Trials God’s Way has been endorsed by a number of prominent pastors, authors, speakers, and ministry leaders. Here are a few…


Tedd-Tripp-endorses-Marriage-Gods-WayTedd Tripp
Husband of forty-eight years
Pastor Emeritus of Grace Fellowship Church, Hazleton, Pennsylvania
Author of Shepherding a Child’s Heart


Marriage God’s Way is a thorough and comprehensive treatment of marriage. The reader who works his way through this volume will be richly rewarded.



Scott T. Brown
Husband of thirty-one years
Director of the National Center for Family-Integrated Churches, and pastor of Hope Baptist Church in Wake Forest, North Carolina
Author of A Theology of the Family

Most Christian books on marriage today don’t have much scripture in them. Not this one. It is saturated with the Word of God. If you want a book that is built on the foundation of exposition of scripture, this book is for you. While Scott offers many practical insights, they are all grounded in the biblical text using biblical language. This book will take you from Genesis to Revelation on marriage. It will fill your mind with the pure and perfect word of God. This is what every marriage needs.


Reb-Bradley-endorses-Marriage-Gods-WayReb Bradley
Husband of thirty-eight years
Pastor, conference speaker, radio counselor, and founder of Family Ministries
Author of Child Training Tips


With the divorce rate for Christians lagging just behind that of unbelievers, there is no shortage of Christian books on marriage. Unfortunately, few of these books offer lasting effectiveness, because they lack the authority and wisdom of Scripture. Most merely weave together tidbits of human wisdom and pop ideas spiced up with random Scripture verses. Scott LaPierre understands that strong marriages need more than tidbits of wisdom and pop ideas. He knows that as the Designer of marriage, God gave us His Word as a sort of owner’s manual. Therefore, in Marriage God’s Way Scott draws upon the authority and wisdom of the Bible to help every couple find the passion, intimacy, and romance that God intended.


Douglas Bond endorsed Enduring Trials God's WayDouglas Bond
Tour leader
Author of twenty-five books of biography, practical theology, and historical fiction


Suffering. You’re either in it, or you will be! Richly biblical, Scott LaPierre’s latest book reveals a gracious pastor’s heart, compassionately equipping people for trials. Every believer needs this book!


Dr. Carlton McLeod endorsed Enduring Trials God's Way.Dr. Carlton C. McLeod, D. Min
Senior Pastor, Calvary Revival Church Chesapeake, Chesapeake, VA


Everywhere we look there are extreme circumstances: hurrricanes, fires, earthquakes, diseases, economic challenges, political turmoil, and the list goes on. I truly believe Scott has written a book “for such a time as this.” This is one of the best biblical treatments on the difficult subject of suffering that I have come across. Packed with encouragement from the Holy Scriptures, Pastor Scott carefully lifts up the wonderful sovereignty of God in suffering and the cross of Christ during trials to help the reader develop the blessing of an eternal perspective. Every believer needs this volume in their library. I wholeheartedly recommend Enduring Trials God’s Way!

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