Finances God’s Way – coming 2018!


Finances God’s Way: A Biblical Recipe for One of Life’s Most Important Stewardships is coming Summer 2018!

Money is important to God, more important than most of us can even imagine. Jesus says more about possessions and how we should manage money than just about any other topic—including both heaven and hell. God cares about your needs and knows about your wants. In Finances God’s Way, author Scott LaPierre teaches you how to handle one of life’s greatest stewardships in a concise, enjoyable, practical way. Pastor Scott’s book presents a clear path to financial joy, offering solutions to the most common problems we face. I am confident that Finances God’s Way will benefit anyone with the good sense to apply the principles. It’s an easy read, too. Trust me when I tell you this is a book you will want to read for yourself, recommend to friends, and give as a gift. Finances God’s Way will change your life, and you’ll want to see it do the same for others.

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