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Trials are part of life on this side of heaven, and God wants to use them for your good! Pastor Scott LaPierre presents scriptural principles that give believers the encouragement they need when suffering. Every chapter concludes with questions that help you apply what you are reading. With Enduring Trials God’s Way you will:

  • Develop the spiritual perspective to embrace trials
  • Appreciate the maturity trials produce
  • Understand the rewards­—in this life and the next—for enduring trials
  • Recognize God is still compassionate and gracious even during trials
  • Learn to persevere through trials that threaten your faith

Your suffering is not meaningless or accidental. God loves you, and He always works in your best interests. Learn the Biblical Recipe for Finding Joy in Suffering!


Enduring Trials God’s Way is available for purchase!

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Suffering. You’re either in it, or you will be! Richly biblical, Scott LaPierre’s latest book reveals a gracious pastor’s heart, compassionately equipping people for trials. Every believer needs this book!

Dr. Carlton McLeod endorsed Enduring Trials God's Way.Dr. Carlton C. McLeod, D. Min
Senior Pastor, Calvary Revival Church Chesapeake, Chesapeake, VA


Everywhere we look there are extreme circumstances: hurrricanes, fires, earthquakes, diseases, economic challenges, political turmoil, and the list goes on. I truly believe Scott has written a book “for such a time as this.” This is one of the best biblical treatments on the difficult subject of suffering that I have come across. Packed with encouragement from the Holy Scriptures, Pastor Scott carefully lifts up the wonderful sovereignty of God in suffering and the cross of Christ during trials to help the reader develop the blessing of an eternal perspective. Every believer needs this volume in their library. I wholeheartedly recommend Enduring Trials God’s Way!

Table of Contents for Enduring Trials God’s Way


Chapter One: Expect Trials

  • Trials Are Unpredictable, but Not Accidents
  • The Need to Be Prepared
  • The Greater Victory God Provides
  • The Danger of Daily Trials

Chapter Two: Did You Do Something Wrong?

Chapter Three: Count Trials As Joy?!?!

  • The Maturity Trials Produce
    • Patience Allows for Maturity in All Areas of Our Lives
    • Patience and Maturity Go Hand-In-Hand
    • God Brings Us into the Deep End
  • Perspective Determines Our Response to Trials
  • Why Jesus Could Face the Cross with Joy

Chapter Four: “Let” Trials Make You Better Instead of Bitter

Chapter Five: More Precious than Gold

  • Proving Our Faith
  • Trials Prove the Genuineness of Our Faith to Us
  • Trials Prove the Genuineness of Our Faith to Others
  • Trials Prove the Genuineness of Our Faith to God

Chapter Six: Blessed by Persevering

  • No Blessing without Enduring
  • The Greatest Blessing Is Eternal Life
  • A Persevering Saint
  • Perseverance Does Not Mean Perfection
  • The Difference between Stumbling and Falling

Chapter Seven: Longing for Jesus during Trials

  • A Mediator
  • An Advocate
  • A Redeemer
  • Finding Peace Longing for Jesus
  • Job—A Type of the True and Greater Intercessor
  • Jesus—The Only Innocent, Righteous Sufferer

Chapter Eight: The End Intended by the Lord in Trials

  • God’s Compassion and Mercy to Job (and Us)
  • The Good God Brought from Tragedy
  • We Cannot Always See the End Intended by the Lord
  • The Need to Trust God

Chapter Nine: The Trials We Endure Are Supremely About Jesus

  • The Second Greatest Example of Evil God Meant for Good
  • The True and Greater Bread God Offers His People
  • The Greatest Act of Evil God Meant for Good
  • Conclusion

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15 thoughts on “Enduring Trials God’s Way—25% off

  1. This book called “Enduring Trials God’s Way” written by Pastor Scott LaPierre is a real treasure of information. It is filled with words from the Good Book and words of wisdom about “a biblical recipe for finding joy in suffering”. Pastor Scott ministers at Woodland Christian Church, Washington and lives with his wife Katie and their beautiful children. They are a lovely family.
    In this lifetime we are all going to face many trials.
    Some will be little ones, day to day stuff, the sort we look at and say ‘hey this will be hard but I can get through it”
    And then there will be the big ones, the hard ones, the life changing ones. The sort that knock you down, crush your spirit and make you wonder if there is a way through it at all.
    If you or someone in your life is presently going through a trial, I would recommend that you read this book. It is so helpful.
    This book has blessed me and I’m sure, even if you don’t read every page, even if you are of a different religion, regardless of whether your trial is small or large, you will find something in this book that will open your eyes or give you comfort. There are pages at the end of each chapter for you to do your own personal study/insight which is a great idea. It is encouraging to have a place to write down your notes and thoughts.
    I have so many lines highlighted in this little book as a quick reference when I need to get focused and back on track. It has been a real encouragement to me.
    Keep this book close by. It will remind you that you have strength, determination, resilience and a faithful God to see you through any trial.

  2. This book is annointed by God to touch many who are going through trials. There are much gems to grow closer to the Lord. It is like a fresh wind of the truth of God’s word where too often there has been a mixed and watered down truth given. Those who read the book will be challenged,refreshed, and strengthened to run the race and trust in God.

  3. I have finished reading this book ……… for the first time! I will definitely be reading it again and taking my time over each paragraph! I loved this book because the author Scott explains everything clearly, gives the meaning of lots of important words from the original Greek, he asks very searching questions at the end of each chapter obviously to make sure the chapter has been understood but also so that you might examine yourself and see where you are in your faith walk.
    This is a valuable study book that I feel you would want to return to again and again. Scott deals with issues that are relevant to all of us no matter how long we have been Christians. I am in favour of us doing a spiritual check up regularly and this book would be of help in doing that. ‘Enduring Trials God’s Way’ is an in depth book but is written in an easy to understand manner showing the communication skills of the author.
    I have no hesitation in recommending it ….. not just to people with obvious issues but to every Christian – because we all face trials!

  4. Understanding the “why” of trials, as Christians.
    The author does a great job explaining the reason for trials, and helping us understand them, by using scriptures and examples. He also shows the Greek or Hebrew word used in the scripture, and their translation, helping the reader to understand the context. This is a good book, with questions to help the reader think about personal application. I believe, it could be used for personal or a small group study.

  5. Enduring Trials God’s Way
    It’s not enough to be students of the Bible. We need to put His Word into practice in all situations. Enduring Trials God’s Way helps the Christian man or woman to compare and apply through the authors knowledge, experience and Bible examples how to put His Word into practice. You’ll realize the Bible wasn’t given just to inform us, but to transform us.

  6. From the first chapter to the last chapter it will show you that we have and will go through trails. I never looked at them as “trails” before, until I read “Enduring Trials God’s Way”. Reading this book helped me in many ways to learn to look at my trails differently.

    I like how Pastor Scott used scripture and examples through out this book, with biblical people & his own personal trails. While reading the book, I didn’t remember how many of the people in the Bible suffered so much and kept their love for Jesus!

    I truly recommend this book for anyone! It would be a great gift too!

    God Bless you & your family,

  7. Just the Prescription I Need

    Reading Enduring Trials God’s Way: A Biblical Recipe for Finding Joy in Suffering, gave me such hope and encouragement. Having gone through seasons of struggles and trials, I know the feelings of hopelessness, confusion, depression, let alone feeling worn down and exhausted. As I read through Enduring Trials God’s Way, I found the comfort and strength I’ve needed.
    Scott LaPierre writes with honesty and truth. He shares important principles and truths found in the Bible, offering a solid foundation for handling difficult times. Scott does not dismiss any suffering as trivial, but shows readers the love and care of the Lord. Trials could break us, but with God’s strength and the truth of His Word, we bend but we will not break. Enduring Trials God’s Way is more than a recipe, it is the prescription from the Lord that suffering souls need.
    I am so glad to very highly recommend Enduring Trials God’s Way: A Biblical Recipe for Finding Joy in Suffering. Anyone who reads this book will find strength, comfort, peace and hope even in the darkest of circumstances. Well done!

  8. This was a great book. I received it at a time in my life that is definitely a trial. This book uses biblical truth to help a reader see how to get through whatever trial they are going through. It uses also personal examples to help the reader relate. We can see how the author uses this application himself and how it worked for him.
    I am glad to have this book and we’ll be reading again to discover more truths to help me.

  9. The first chapter of this book is titled Expect Trials and it immediately grabbed my attention. Author Scott LaPierre explains that trials may be unpredictable but they are never accidents. He goes on to explain that “before trials reach us they must first pass through the thrones of God”. Accepting this is evidence that we believe that God is directing our lives and He is fully in control. The next eight chapters challenge, encourage, and instruct us in how to meet our trials head on. The author asserts that God uses these trials to truly know his people. Anyone can stumble—the difference is that non-believers stumble and fall but believers stumble, get up and turn back to their Father in Heaven I especially appreciate this assurance that God will not let Christians fall and I love the final point. Many of our Bible heroes who faced immense trials did not have the advantage that Christians enjoy today. True believers have God’s Word in its entirety and it is available to instruct us and encourage us when we don’t understand why God is sending these trials.

    Scott LaPierre is also a minister and his knowledge of God’s Word is evident in the abundant use of Scripture that he uses to substantiate his statements. He has also included questions at the end of each chapter to further increase our knowledge and understanding. This is a book meant to be read, re-read and highlighted and I heartily recommend it.

  10. Not just about suffering…

    This is a very good book, but I don’t think the title captures the complete idea. For me this book spoke to why life is not perfect, not just about suffering. Why do we have to put up with even minor irritations? So many things in our day-to-day lives go wrong, minor things that we mostly ignore but can add up to a stressful day. The author explains that using Biblical concepts.

    LaPierre once again shows his ability to clearly communicate the Bible. Like his previous books this one is concise and easy to understand. He points out ideas and concepts in the Bible that I didn’t put together before. Each idea is well researched and holds true to the rest of the Bible. His explanations hit home in a way that finally answer my questions on possible reasons for the things that go wrong in my life.

    This is an encouraging book that has enabled me to refocus on God’s possible plans and purposes through life’s difficulties. Written for Christians, it will mostly benefit those with a good understanding of the Bible. But if are not a student of the Bible you can trust LaPierre’s handling of the concepts.

  11. I had the privilege of editing Enduring Trials God’s Way. Scott did an excellent job of teaching that not only will Christians experience trials, but we should expect and prepare for them. Scott shows what the Bible teaches and uses several examples of people undergoing trials and then shows you how to prepare yourself for the next one.

    In ways I would never have known ahead of time, this book became personal while my family endured a trial of evacuating our home due to a wildfire. While waiting to see if we had a home and community to return to, I was encouraged to read how David, Asa, and Job responded to their trials. Next to my Bible, I wouldn’t have wanted any other book with me. This is one of the most thorough treatments of trials I have seen.

    By using biblical examples, supporting Scripture, and thought-provoking questions, Scott truly provides readers with the recipe to understand and endure trials. Readers will appreciate God’s purposes in trials and can grow in their faith.

  12. Enduring Trials God’s Way is a very educational book, but it includes so much more than educational content. This book is an excellent resource for anyone who is looking to understand both the biblical aspect of what it means to endure trials and experience some exceptional personal testimonies from the author and others.

    I love the fact that Scott takes the reader from the biblical perspective to a more intimate application of the concept of enduring trials. I love the fact that at the end of each chapter there are discussion questions that are meant to help the reader apply the message of Scott’s book more directly to their personal lives.

    This book will prove to be a magnificent resource for a small group Bible study, a college textbook, and even a personal devotional. That is one of the things that I really like about Scott as an author; he has a great sense of wisdom and a desire to actually teach his readers something they can relate to.

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