A Father Offers His Son – coming soon!!!



A Father Offers His Son should be published in the next few months! I expect to send the manuscript to my editor this week. See the Introduction to have an idea what to expect. If you like what you read, please consider:

Your responsibilities would be:

  1. Serve as a beta reader: simply read the manuscript and give me your honest thoughts. This will allow me to improve the book before it’s published.
  2. Provide a review on Amazon
  3. Share about A Father Offers His Son when it’s published. 

As a way to thank you I will give you:

  1. A free signed copy
  2. As many signed copies as you’d like at 20% off

Endorsements for A Father Offers His Son

Paul Benware endorses A Father Offers His Son by Scott LaPierreDr. Paul Benware—Professor of Bible and Theology, Pastor, Conference Speaker, and Author

A Father Offers His Son will stimulate your mind and encourage your soul. You will be refreshed by the analysis of this familiar account from Genesis 22. Good theology is a wonderful, enjoyable read. There are excellent insights about that event on Mount Moriah, and they will challenge your thinking. This work lifts up our Lord Jesus Christ, and it will deepen your appreciation for what He and the Father went through to bring us back into fellowship. I highly recommend it.”

Cary Green endorses A Father Offers His Son by Scott LaPierreCary Green—Speaker, Missionary, Church Planter, and Senior Pastor of Cornerstone Bible Church

“Abraham’s intended sacrifice of Isaac is a rare and poignant picture of the unfathomable cost to the Father Who sacrificed His Son for us. This book is a wonderful and touching treatment of that passage. As a jeweler holds a gemstone in the light and turns it slowly, examining each priceless, shining facet, Scott LaPierre holds high this picture of heaven’s sacrificial love, and he slowly, unhurriedly, examines its every detail. A Father Offers His Son is beautifully Biblical, incredibly insightful, and remarkably readable.”

May I ask you a favor?

I have the same desire with A Father Offers His Son that I’ve had with my other books, and that is for Christ to be exalted. Will you join me in praying for this request?

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