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Oct 30, 2011

Hello Everyone,

This week I spent almost every day in my office trying not to pass out from the paint fumes in the ed building. If I don’t make sense during my sermon today, you’ll know why! The good news is the poisonous air I was breathing in was a constant reminder of how many great servants we have in our church. I really think one of the greatest blessings for me as the pastor at WCC is the number of people involved with different ministries. I could mention all the things going on, but I’m sure I would accidentally leave someone out.

Sometimes when people are really involved in serving there can be a tendency to get discouraged if they don’t feel like others are contributing as much. Be encouraged knowing there are a lot of people in our church giving a lot of themselves just like you! If you’re not involved, but you want to do more, let me know and we’ll see where there’s an area!

One area we definitely need more volunteers is the nursery. Julie Reardon says if we can get some more women to sign up, each person would only need to serve once every few months. With fewer women signed up though, the frequency is high for those women who are committed to serving and it’s discouraging to them to have to miss service so often. Please think about letting Julie know you’d like to be in the pool of women for the rotation.


Also, the high school outreach is continuing to go well each week. Grant’s doing a good job teaching and the students are doing a good job inviting their friends. Each Thursday night we’ve had a few kids from the high school join us and most of them are unchurched. A few of them have told me they’d like to see their parents start going to church. This is what we wanted to see when we started meeting last year! Please try to remember to pray for that ministry regularly as I really feel like God’s allowed our church to be in an amazingly evangelistic position.

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