Obeying and Good Things Happen

We recently finished looking at Simeon and Anna, two appointments that took place in the temple for Joseph and Mary. I wanted to share something that I’ve been thinking about regarding those meetings…

God orchestrated everything through Joseph and Mary’s obedience. What I mean is, Joseph and Mary were at the temple fulfilling their obligations under the Law, and God used that obedience to bring them into contact with Simeon and Anna. It was their obedience that provided the opportunity for these meetings to take place. I think it should encourage us to trust that when we’re obeying God He’s going to use our obedience to orchestrate events and situations in our lives.

Here’s another thought: Joseph and Mary weren’t trying to set up these meetings. All they were thinking about was obeying God. This made me think about how many times I try to make things happen. Sometimes I feel tempted to try to manipulate circumstances instead of just letting God work through my obedience. I feel like I need to help. I end up striving in my own effort when all I really need to do is focus on obedience and leave the results up to God. He doesn’t need my striving or help or effort. Part of walking by faith is just saying, “Lord, I’m going to go about my life and really let you take care of things. I’ll focus on obeying You and I’ll let You focus on everything else.”

Interestingly some of the most trouble I’ve had in my life after becoming a Christian has taken place when I’ve tried to help God. I’ve had problems when I thought I knew what was best. I’ve had problems when I thought I could bring about the best outcome instead of letting God do it. Those are times I didn’t walk by faith. It’s interesting Hebrews 11:6 says it’s actually impossible to please God without faith. That means no matter what I do, no matter how great it looks, if it’s not done in faith it’s not pleasing to God.

Looking back I’m sure if I would’ve just focused on obeying God – like Joseph and Mary were doing – God would’ve taken care of everything else. I probably would’ve saved myself some unnecessary frustration, while also being able to experience the blessings God put in Joseph and Mary’s lives.

2 thoughts on “Obeying and Good Things Happen

  1. Yeah! You got that right! Been there way too many times and had the same results. FINALLY at 52 years old I am realizing that my taking matters into my own hands – pushing the pencil around to MAKE things work- is a big mistake!!! Thanks for this letter. Really good reminder for me right now. Lori

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