India Evangelical Mission

We receive regular updates from the missionaries we support and we read those letters at the evening service to let you know how they’re doing, to keep you familiar with them and the work they’re doing, and probably more than anything hopefully to encourage you to pray for them. Then we put the most recent letters in the foyer for you to read them.

Sometimes G.V. Mathai with India Evangelical Mission writes a personal note that you wouldn’t be able to see because it’s on the back of the letter. I wanted to share part of his most recent personal note with you, but first, here’s a little background. When he visited our church and spoke at our evening service, he said one of their needs was $8,000 for a well.

For a few months the leadership has felt like we had a good problem: too much money in our savings. We want to be good stewards of the Lord’s money, and having it sit in savings drawing very, very little interest – when there are missionaries with real needs – isn’t being good stewards. So we decided to give IEM the money they needed for their well. I wanted to share all this with you for two reasons: so you’d know how things are going with IEM, but also so you’d know how the church is using your money. Mathai wrote:

Dear Pastor Scott & Everyone at the Church,

            We thank God for answered prayers! We are so grateful to you all for your prayerful consideration & sending the money to dig a well at our ministry center in Kerala. You dear ones at Woodland Christian Church have been so gracious in helping to meet the needs of the work of our Lord in India.

            The people at IEM will be thinking of you & praying for you.

            We plan to leave for India the end of December. Please pray for Mariamma and me and everyone going with us.

            We love you all & pray for you!

So thank you all very much for your giving! One of the wonderful things about supporting missions directly or indirectly (by giving to your church that supports missions) is it allows you to be part of work God’s doing on the other side of the world. All of you should feel encouraged about the blessing this well is going to be, and you were each able to be part of it!

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