Marriage God’s Way Workbook

The Marriage God’s Way Workbook is the perfect companion to Marriage God’s Way.

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Marriage God’s Way Workbook

Front cover of Marriage God's Way Workbook by Scott LaPierreGod intended marriage to be a great joy, but we can only experience this joy if we obey the principles in His Word. This workbook will help you apply the biblical recipe in Marriage God’s Way. Inside you will find:

  • Clear instructions on prayer, communication, and forgiveness
  • Insightful questions that solve marital frustrations
  • Practical exercises to enjoy with your spouse
  • Helpful discussion topics that strengthen your relationship

Use this great tool in your marriage, small group, or church. It is perfect for engaged couples, newlyweds, and marriage veterans.

There are questions for husbands, wives, and both as a couple:

  • Husband: What are three ways your wife makes you feel respected? Disrespected?
  • Wife: Second only to Christ, do you feel like the supreme relationship in your husband’s life? Why or why not?
  • Husband: When your wife is suffering, do you feel like she takes it out on you like Rachel did with Jacob (Genesis 30:1)?
  • Wife: What can your husband do to help you more easily resist the temptation to nag him?
  • Both: What do we have in our home that threatens our holiness, and how do we remove it?

Regardless of the person asked, the purpose of each question in the Marriage God’s Way Workbook is to help you have a healthy, joyful, Christ-centered relationship!

Marriage God’s Way Workbook instructions…

Many workbook questions contain the word “feels.” This is because:Back cover of Marriage God's Way Workbook by Scott LaPierre

  • It is not a question of whether a husband thinks he loves his wife. Instead, does a wife feel loved?
  • It is not a question of whether a wife thinks she respects her husband. Instead, does a husband feel respected?

Consider these two passages from Marriage God’s Way:

  1. In Chapter 10 the sixth section, “Perception Is Reality,” records: “Note the emphasis here is how a wife feels. A husband might insist: ‘My wife is the supreme relationship in my life. She is more important than anything else.’ But the wife might not feel that way. A wife’s perception is her reality. It is not about what the husband says or even thinks but about what the wife feels.”
  2. Chapter 11 discusses wives respecting their husbands, and the fifth section, “Learning, Then Embracing” records: “A wife who does [these things] will have a husband who feels very respected.”

Focus on the Way Your Spouse Feels

Then, after learning how your spouse feels, make the appropriate changes to help your spouse feel differently. The poor alternative is trying to talk your husband or wife out of feeling the way he or she feels. The section, “Embrace the Struggle,” also says:

A husband might say, “Outside of the Lord Himself, do you feel you are taking second place to anything in my life?” If a wife answers that she does not feel she is the supreme relationship in her husband’s life, the husband should not try to talk her out of the way she feels or persuade her to see things differently. Likewise, a wife might ask her husband, “Do you feel I respect you?” If the husband explains how she makes him feel disrespected, the wife should not argue with her husband and try to convince him he is wrong. Instead, each spouse should listen to the other and try to make the appropriate changes.

Similarly, if your husband or wife is hurt by something you have done, do not try to make him or her feel wrong. When hearing your spouse’s thoughts, commit to not interrupting or arguing. If you understand how your spouse feels, then you will learn to treat him or her the way he or she wants to be treated.