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Excerpt of Readers’ Favorite Review of Marriage God’s Way

“I can see this book being taught at seminars around the world. Every aspect of building a healthy marriage is covered. The biblical knowledge of the author is consistent and deliberate. Marriage God’s Way leaves no room for unanswered questions. I recommend this book to anyone thinking about getting married according to the Bible. The wisdom within the pages of this book will even help those who are not of the Christian faith.”


Excerpt of Better Than the Honeymoon’s Review of Marriage God’s Way

“As a therapist, I fully know that men and women can get their roles confused. I’ve seen complementarianism horribly twisted allowing men to sin in the name of leadership and women to become doormats in the name of submission. In Marriage God’s Way, however, Pastor Scott beautifully writes that God placed husbands as the head and wives submit to that leadership. But this book is far different from others with the same message because it spends time explaining what true Godly headship and submission looks like.”


Excerpt of Grace to Soar’s Review of Marriage God’s Way

“I started quoting it in conversation before I had finished reading it! The title tells you exactly what you’re getting; it’s Bible-based and Christ-centered. I don’t remember another marriage book I’ve read that has included so much scripture. It’s woven into every page. When I read about Katie, I got several great ideas to apply at home about how to say things and how to support my husband even when I might disagree with a decision. I highly recommend this book. If you have any goals related to improving your marriage, I believe this book is a great place to start! I’m even considering getting a group of ladies together to read and discuss it.”


Excerpt of Love Hope Adventure Review of Marriage God’s Way

“Scott has put in a lot of time researching the scriptures about the roles of husband and wife. He has done a great job of explaining the scriptures that he shares. I like the clear picture he paints about agape love, and how that is the type of love that a husband should have for his spouse. I also like how he talks about how a wife should respect her husband and how that can look different to each couple. He did a good job on writing this.”


Excerpt of The Gathering Room’s Review of Marriage God’s Way… 

“Marriage God’s Way is a spectacular piece. Hands down this gets five stars, and will offer great insight into any marriage. From beginning to end the biblical platform is presented in a way that is both encouraging and challenging for husbands and wives. As someone who gives marriage counseling, I still found very good insights. The mixture of personal experience with professional and biblical experience kept my attention. I intend to read it again until I’ve captured every enlightening aspect in my own marriage.”


Excerpt of My Family on a Budget’s Review of Marriage God’s Way

“Marriage God’s Way is a fantastic book. I feel as though I have matured in understanding God’s call for how I’m to treat my wife. Scott puts the pressure on men to step up and take their God-given responsibility more seriously. I feel more convicted after having read what God has to say on the subject. Chapters were stirring in my heart, making me want to become a better husband. I can already see our family being better off for the conversations this book is prompting. Marriage God’s Way is an excellent read I would recommend to other couples.”


Excerpt of Heaven on Earth’s Review of Marriage God’s Way

“Marriage God’s Way is chock full of wisdom and practical advice. It is completely founded on the Word of God. The depth in which this book dives is unlike any other. Scott unpacks countless passages of scripture, helping you understand them, then apply to your life. Because it’s so biblically grounded, I knew I could trust every thing I was reading. If you want a greater taste of what your heavenly romance can look like, then read Marriage God’s Way. It’s great for providing you with rich biblical truth and practical applications, whether single or married.”


Excerpt of Minivan Ministries Review of Marriage God’s Way…

“This isn’t a book full of opinions. The advice is straight from the Bible, just as it should be, and it presents concepts I have heard my whole life in a new way. Marriage God’s Way is such a great title for this book because everything in it really points us back to God’s perspective. I would recommend this book for anyone who is married or getting married.”

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