Marriage God’s Way – Endorsements

See the endorsements that have been provided for Marriage God’s Way


“Marriage God’s Way is a thorough and comprehensive treatment of marriage. The reader who works his way through this volume will be richly rewarded.”

Tedd Tripp
Husband of forty-eight years
Pastor Emeritus of Grace Fellowship Church, Hazleton, Pennsylvania
Author of Shepherding a Child’s Heart


“Most Christian books on marriage today don’t have much scripture in them. Not this one. It is saturated with the Word of God. If you want a book that is built on the foundation of exposition of scripture, this book is for you. While Scott offers many practical insights, they are all grounded in the biblical text using biblical language. This book will take you from Genesis to Revelation on marriage. It will fill your mind with the pure and perfect word of God. This is what every marriage needs.”

Scott T. Brown
Husband of thirty-one years
Director of the National Center for Family-Integrated Churches, and pastor of Hope Baptist Church in Wake Forest, North Carolina
Author of A Theology of the Family


“With the divorce rate for Christians lagging just behind that of unbelievers, there is no shortage of Christian books on marriage. Unfortunately, few of these books offer lasting effectiveness, because they lack the authority and wisdom of Scripture. Most merely weave together tidbits of human wisdom and pop ideas spiced up with random Scripture verses. Scott LaPierre understands that strong marriages need more than tidbits of wisdom and pop ideas. He knows that as the Designer of marriage, God gave us His Word as a sort of owner’s manual. Therefore, in Marriage God’s Way Scott draws upon the authority and wisdom of the Bible to help every couple find the passion, intimacy, and romance that God intended.”

Reb Bradley
Husband of thirty-eight years
Pastor, conference speaker, radio counselor, and founder of Family Ministries
Author of Child Training Tips


“Marriage God’s Way is a book that will greatly bless your marriage. Scott LaPierre combines personal experience, pastoral care, and above all, clear teaching from scripture to guide his readers into a proper understanding of what God intends for their marriage. In a world where marriage is often considered a hopeless attempt at fleeting happiness, a book like this will give the Christian couple biblical perspective, good counsel, and hope for their future together. Marriage God’s Way is based firmly on two premises: first, that God purposefully designed marriage so that men and women could demonstrate His glory through their marriage, and second, that He clearly communicates how and why we are to do this in His Word. If you are desperately looking for help to restore your struggling marriage, or you just need a good reminder of why godly marriages work, this book provides sound guidance, and I highly recommend it to you.

David Eddy
Husband of twenty-five years
Senior Pastor of Manchester Community Church, Port Orchard, Washington


“Scott LaPierre has clearly gone on a mining expedition through the Scriptures and unearthed some wonderful hidden treasures from God’s Word. He writes in an easy to read, relatable style, which left me always ready to jump into the next chapter. Every page is filled with simple truths that often become neglected in our conflict-filled, sex-saturated, self-centered culture. Marriage God’s Way is a precious gem. Meticulous. Practical. Packed with valuable pearls while being culturally significant. This book touches every aspect of what it is to both love and respect each other as your marriage prospers. Read it!”

John Leffler, D.Min.
Husband of thirty-three years
Senior Pastor of Castle Rock Christian Church, Castle Rock, Washington


“Scott beautifully expounds upon the best, and ultimately the only way to do marriage—God’s way. If you want to have a successful, thriving marriage, read and apply what is in this book.”

Joshua Zarzana
Husband of thirteen years
Family Pastor of Olympia Lacey Church of God, Olympia, Washington
Author of The Son Who Chases the Father


“Marriage God’s Way is an honest look at the beautiful institution of marriage through the eyes of Scott LaPierre, a husband, father, and pastor. He takes the time to thoroughly cover the distinct roles and building blocks of marriage, carefully relating the principles of scripture as they apply to each facet. Through personal illustrations and skillful exegesis of the Word, he brings refreshing insight to the heartaches, struggles and the joys that commonly accompany the beautiful gift of marriage. You will find sage advice, biblical insights and heartwarming perspective as you study each chapter in this book. Definitely a worthy read for the newlywed or the marriage veteran!”

Dale and Lisa Jost
Married for thirty-five years
Parents and managers of The Josties


“Marriage God’s Way is a thorough, biblical, and engaging study of God’s truth regarding marriage. It covers a wide range of areas in a transparent, clear and relevant manner that both brings light to the text and provides the specifics in order to live out God’s truth in our marriages so that He is glorified.”

Joe Gruchacz
Husband of thirty years
Senior Pastor of Grace Baptist Church, Lemoore, California


“Scott LaPierre writes with a wisdom beyond his years. Marriage God’s Way is a very encouraging and well thought out scriptural study for husbands and wives. Scott has a heartfelt message, and connects with readers by sharing his own marital journey. I learned greatly from Marriage God’s Way.”

Thomas Nye
Husband of thirty-five years
Blogger and author of The Amish Horses Book Series


“It is well-known that Christian marriages look like and last as long as their non-Christian counterparts. This sends the message that Jesus Christ is impotent to save Christian marriages or that Christians disregard the Bible’s instructions for marriage. This is where Pastor Scott’s succinct book comes in, as he places the responsibility squarely on the shoulders of Christians. As a young pastor, it didn’t take long for Scott to discover one of the greatest challenges facing Christians: to build a healthy and joyful marriage that honors Christ. Marriage God’s Way is serious reading, meant to cut through the fluff and deliver hard-hitting biblical commentary designed to set the record straight. He provides a multitude of questions to get the conversation going and practical advice to put couples on the right step. Because of the terse content, the book would be ideal for Christian teens, young adults preparing for ministry, and of course, couples of all kinds. Scott’s book is stimulating, thought provoking, encouraging, and theologically sound.”

Dr. Terry O’Hare
Husband of thirty-six years
Author of The Sabbath Complete: And the Ascendancy of First-Day Worship


Marriage God’s Way captures the heart of a profoundly needed biblical perspective for marriages everywhere. This is a must read for anyone who desires to embrace and reflect the beauty of Christ in their relationship.

James Lindstrand
Husband of seventeen years
Senior Pastor of Cottonwood Creek Community Church, Culdesac, Idaho
Author of Porn, Purity, and Pickles