Marriage God’s Way Conference

Would you (or your church) like to host a Marriage God’s Way Conference?

Session titles for a Marriage God’s Way Conference

Following are the titles for the five messages:

  1. Reversing the Effects of the Fall in Your Marriage
  2. A Husband’s Love
  3. A Wife’s Submission
  4. How Husbands Ought to Treat Their Wives
  5. How Wives Ought to Respect Their Husbands

The sessions can be adjusted to provide a greater focus on other topics, such as intimacy, communication, or complementarianism.


Typically there is one session on Friday evening and four sessions on Saturday, but there is flexibility. Sessions can be kept to a Saturday (for a one-day event), or there can be less than five sessions to allow for discussion or Q&A. The Q&A can take place at the end of each message or at the end of the event.


A room prepared for a Marriage God's Way Conference.
A room prepared for a Marriage God’s Way Conference.

A conference can take place at a church in a fellowship hall or sanctuary. Some have functioned more as a retreat, taking place at a hotel or resort.


Since my desire is to get out the message of Marriage God’s Way, I am thankful to be compensated by having the book and workbook purchased for those in attendance. Minimum of fifty purchases.

Discussion Questions

Regardless of whether the workbook is purchased or not, I can provide each couple with message-related questions. They can discuss these between messages or at a later time in private.

Traveling, Lodging, and Meal Expenses

I request reimbursement for plane tickets or $0.50 per mile for driving. I am glad to stay with a family in the church to minimize lodging and meal expenses.

Marriage God’s Way Conference as an Outreach

Christian Heritage Marriage Conference flier
Sample flier produced by Christian Heritage for their Marriage God’s Way Retreat.

Consider viewing the conference as an outreach to strengthen the marriages of—and share Christ with—those in the community. I can set up a Facebook event page for those in the church to share with others. If planned early enough, fliers or invite cards can be made and distributed to the community.


Contact me if interested.