Marriage God’s Way Conference

Would you (or your church) like to host a Marriage God’s Way Conference?

The Marriage God’s Way Conference Handout is given to those attending. It contains:

  1. Lessons for the messages
  2. Discussion questions for couples.

Here are the first and second messages presented at Marriage God’s Way Conferences with the accompanying lessons and discussion questions…


 Lesson 1: As we begin, make the decision to:

  • (Part I) Focus on ________ ____________________ more than your spouse’s.
  • (Part II) Turn your frustrations ________ ____________.
  • (Part III) Recognize your marriage is a reflection of your ________________________ with ____________.

Lesson 2: God created headship before ______ ________ (Genesis 2:16-17).

Lesson 3: Wives are tempted to:

  • (Part I) ______________ their husbands (Genesis 3:16 cf. 4:7).
  • (Part II) ______ their husbands (Proverbs 19:13b, 21:9, 19, 25:24, 27:15–16).

Lesson 4: Husbands are tempted to:

  • (Part I) Be ________________ (Genesis 3:16).
  • (Part II) ________________ their wives (Colossians 3:19; Genesis 3:16).
  • (Part III) Be ______________ (Genesis 3:17).

Lesson 5: Reverse the effects of The Fall by ______________ God’s ________________ for marriage.


Husband asks wife:

  • Do you feel like I am stubborn?
  • Do you feel like I am harsh or authoritarian with you?
  • Do you feel like I am passive?

Wife asks husband:

  • Do you feel like I try to control you?
  • Do you feel like I nag you?
  • Do you feel like I stir you up for good…or evil?


Lesson 1: Husbands love their wives by ______________ them with the ________ (Ephesians 5:26; John 15:3, 17:17).

Lesson 2: Husbands love their wives by setting the ________________ for ________________ in the home.

Lesson 3: Husbands get the wives they ______________ for __________________ (Ephesians 5:27; Galatians 5:19–23, 6:7).

Lesson 4: Husbands love their wives by __________ as ___________________ about them as they are about themselves (Ephesians 5:28–29; Genesis 2:23–24).

Lesson 5: (Part I) Wives must feel like the ______________ ______________________ in their husband’s life, (Part II) which can take ____________________ ________________ things from the husband’s life (Ephesians5:31; Matthew 5:29, 18:9).

Lesson 6: Think of how Jesus loved ______ __________ (Matthew 13:44–46; Romans 3:11; Hebrews 12:2).


Husband asks wife:

  • Do you feel like I love you? What do I do that makes you feel loved? What do I do that makes you feel unloved?
  • Do you feel like I take care of you as well as I take care of myself?
  • Do you feel like the supreme relationship in my life?

Wife asks husband:

  • What do I do that makes it easy to love me? What do I do that makes it hard to love me?
  • Do we have anything in our home that should be removed, because it is threatening our holiness?
  • What fruit of the Spirit or works of the flesh do you see in me that characterize my life?


A room prepared for a Marriage God's Way Conference.
A room prepared for a Marriage God’s Way Conference.

Typically there are five messages:

  1. Reversing the Fall
  2. A Husband’s Love
  3. A Wife’s Submission
  4. How Husbands Ought to Treat Their Wives
  5. How Wives Ought to Respect Their Husbands

The sessions can be adjusted to provide a greater focus on other topics, such as intimacy, communication, or complementarianism.

There is one session on Friday evening and four sessions on Saturday, but there is flexibility:

  • Sessions can be spread over Thursday, Friday, and Saturday for a three-day event or kept to Saturday for a one-day event.
  • There can be less than five sessions to allow for discussion or Q&A that can take place at the end of each message or at the end of the event. 

Compensation, Traveling, and Lodging

Since my desire is to get out the message of Marriage God’s Way, I am thankful to be compensated by having the book and workbook purchased for those attending. I request reimbursement for plane tickets or $0.50 per mile driving. I am glad to stay with a family in the church to minimize lodging and meal expenses.


Consider viewing the conference as an outreach to strengthen the marriages of—and share Christ with—those in the community. I can set up a Facebook event page for those in the church to share. If planned early enough, fliers or invite cards can be created and distributed to the community. Additionally, churches and organizations have increased registrations by advertising that those attending receive copies of Marriage God’s Way and the accompanying workbook.

Marriage God's Way Conference flier
Marriage God’s Way Conference flier used by Christian Heritage for their annual retreat. Something similar, whether shared on Facebook or distributed in the community, allows the conference to serve as an outreach.

Contact me if interested!