Marriage God’s Way is available to purchase!

Last week our sixth child, Noah Michael, was born. Tomorrow is my 10-year anniversary to my beautiful wife. Today I published Marriage God’s Way.

I’ve never felt so many emotions in such a short period of time. My heart is in this book, and at some point in the future I’ll write a post or share a video (see below) discussing everything that went into reaching this moment. For now, here’s the info…

Ways to purchase Marriage God’s Way

You can purchase Marriage God’s Way on Amazon at this link in paperback or Kindle editions.

If you’d like a signed copy, please follow these two steps:

  1. Click here to make your payment through PayPal:
    • $17.99 if you need your copy shipped to you (the extra $3.00 covers shipping)
    • $14.99 if you expect to see me in person in the near future 🙂
  2. Second, send me an e-mail ( with the following information:
    • Your name (or the name of the individual you’d like me to address)
    • The address where you would like the book sent
    • Any special instructions or requests regarding the message

If you do not hear back from me in 24-hours confirming your order, please feel free to send me a follow-up e-mail or text: (360) 977-2877.

Giving the first copy of Marriage God’s Way to my dad

Marriage God’s Way is dedicated to my father. I will be giving him the first copy this Sunday (August 7th) at Woodland Christian Church. If you live in the area (and don’t already attend another church), I hope you can join us. at 11AM.

Marriage God’s Way giveaways

Tomorrow (Friday, August 5th), we’ll have a drawing for two copies of Marriage God’s Way. People can have their names entered by:

  1. Clicking “Like” on my Facebook author and book page.
  2. Sharing my Facebook author and book page.
  3. Subscribing to my YouTube channel. I know there aren’t many videos on there now (only one to be exact) but there will be more in the near future (see below).
  4. Subscribing to my website (in the upper-right corner).
  5. Sharing this post.

You can have your name entered for each of the above, so up to five times total. I have a running list that I keep updating.

If you happen to read this post after the drawing is done, you can do the above to have your name entered in future giveaways. There will be more!

Marriage God’s Way YouTube channel and book trailer

I created a YouTube channel for Marriage God’s Way. I would appreciate you subscribing so you don’t miss any upcoming videos, but also because if I get 100 subscribers I can change the URL from “UCCFo-cE9gbLSUqSXgVRP0Ng” to “Marriage God’s Way” :).

Here’s the trailer…

Regarding the trailer…

  1. I asked Andrew Thompson to make it for me, and he’s done a better job than I imagined.
  2. I asked Hazel and the Boys (Jamison and Rachel Dye, Kevin Willis, and Laura Donald [soon-to-be Willis]) to perform a cover of Love Never Fails by Brandon Heath, and it sounds great.

You can see other videos at the Marriage God’s Way YouTube channel. In the future there will be…

  • Some discussions (many with Katie) of the idea behind the book, the process of writing it, etc.
  • Some (hopefully) helpful videos about publishing for anyone out there saying, “Should I write a book?” I’ll tell you everything I wish someone would’ve told me!

Thank you and any questions?

So many of you have asked me how the book was going, encouraged me, prayed for me, expressed interest, etc. Thank you SO much! The Acknowledgments at the beginning of the book contain more specifics :).

I tried to cram a lot of info into this post in as few words as possible. Do you have any questions? If so, PLEASE let me know!

Your friend,


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