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June 24, 2012

From the Pastor,

On Thursday I listened to an interview with John MacArthur where he talked about a pastor’s responsibility beginning and ending with feeding the flock through the preaching of the Word.1 He stressed how pastors should see themselves as sanctifiers of their congregations so the congregates can go out and share the Gospel, influence their communities for Christ, minister to people, etc. He said those actions are not the responsibility of the pastor, but the congregation.

He went so far as to say the problem is pastors are focusing on changing their communities, being seeker sensitive, focusing on evangelistic sermons2 (as opposed to “meaty” sermons) instead of focusing on the spiritual maturity of their congregations through sound preaching. This is leading to poorly sanctified and spiritually immature (or as Chris has said, “anemic”) congregations. His point was that if pastors focus on the spiritual maturity and sanctification of their congregations, the believers in the church will go out and do the ministry pastors are unfortunately focusing on.3

With that said, one of your largest opportunities to go out and do the work of the ministry is approaching: VBS. This can be a huge outreach for each of you. Even if you aren’t directly involved with serving during VBS, I’d like to ask you to help support VBS. Basically, I’d like to ask you to put your sanctification to work: engage in the work of the ministry. How? Be thinking about neighbors, families, children, you can invite and possibly even pick up for VBS! This might sound like a stretch for you, but this is what the ministry is about: helping others to know our great God and Savior Jesus Christ!

[1] He said the same thing in his biography, but I wouldn’t totally agree with him in that I think pastors have other responsibilities like counseling, discipling, visitations, etc.

[2] This isn’t to say sermons shouldn’t contain the Gospel, it’s just that they have to have plenty of other instruction for congregations to grow in their sanctification.

[3] This all relates to Paul’s words in Eph 4:12 that pastors “equip the saints for the work of the ministry.”

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