July 29, 2012

From the Pastor’s Wife (aka Katie),

The Joys of Camping with Church Family!!! I just wanted to share a bit about camp and how much I enjoyed it. We stayed at Beaver Bay Sunday night through Friday morning. It was so much fun to be in one beautiful place all together with our wonderful friends and family.

I really enjoyed our devotionals every night as a big group. I love the time in God’s Word, but I also love all of us being able to come together as a group for at least part of the day. I was also happy that the ladies wanted to get together each morning and have time in the Word. Scott said the ladies should keep doing this at camp, allowing the husbands to watch the kids and give the wives a break and some nice fellowship together. We made it through 2 chapters in 2 Timothy and it was a lovely time of sharing.

Ricky, Rhea and Johnny would be happy to live at camp (Ricky actually said he did want to live there). They had so much fun running around ALL day and we were blessed to have so many helping hands.

One thing Scott and I were really hoping for regarding camp was the involvement of new families. We’ve had new families join the church and we’ve wanted to see them get plugged in and meet other families, so it was great to have so many of the new families join us!

There was one point when I was in the trailer lying down looking out through the window that I became teary-eyed seeing the church body that God has made us a part of and allowed Scott to pastor! Scott has said that sometimes at events when he looks around he almost feels overwhelmed with affection for the people God has brought to the church. I have been loving our time here at this church with you all so much (or as Amy would say, “with all y’all”). Sometimes I just wish I was part of a church though that played volleyball a little more J.

Thank you everybody for a great week at camp! If you weren’t able to come I certainly hope you can make it next year! You won’t regret it!

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