July 15, 2012

From the Pastor,

Friday night the Reardons had a game night at their house, and there are a number of things about it I could discuss. Of course I could talk about how much fun it was; I could ponder how ONE game of Dominoes can last for seven hours; I could make fun of Carl Templin for jokes he made that I warned him would put him on the back of the bulletin (but I’m going to refrain, because as all of you know it’s not my nature to make fun of people).

I would like to talk about two other things though: one thing that encouraged me, and one thing that I hope doesn’t occur in our church as it grows…

What encouraged me were the number of people present, and specifically some of the newer families to the church who attended. I was happy about this if for no other reason than it meant people were spending time together, bonding, growing in their relationships with each other, and the newer people were getting more plugged in, becoming more comfortable, and hopefully feeling like part of our family.

As our church grows, what I hope we don’t see is families on the peripheral. What I mean by that is families who don’t really know the rest of the body and aren’t really known by the body. This almost always occurs when people are only attending the Sunday morning service.

Since I know some people can be in a season of their lives that prohibits them from doing much else, I want to be sensitive to that; however, if you feel like you’re on the peripheral, consider attending some of the other events offered through the church. I’m really happy about the large number of people attending Sunday School, but if you’re not one of those people, consider attending. When the church puts on different social events like camp or parties, try to attend some of those. While you shouldn’t feel obligated to attend all or even most of the church’s events, think about trying to be with the body besides during the Sunday morning service so you can get to know others in our congregation and really feel like part of our family.

Do you have a question or thought? If so, please share!