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Jan 2nd, 2011 – Sunday Bulletin Letter

Hello Everyone,

First off, a big thank you to Jim and Vicki Donald for opening their home on New Year’s Eve and to Madeline Reardon for preparing such a wonderful slideshow!

I had a very interesting week that related somewhat to Madeline’s slideshow: her slideshow presented this past year at WCC and my week consisted of spending hours over a few different days going through all the paperwork in my office, some of which covered decades of history at WCC.

Through all of it, I was shown somewhat of a glimpse of the deep history of this church. (The highlight for me was an old directory sporting Dave Zumstein with some pretty serious sideburns. Go Dave!) Looking through those church records combined with Madeline’s slideshow made me excited about all the memories we’ll be sharing together in the future.

Speaking of memories, I’m hoping our new series will create some lasting spiritual memories for all of you. I’ve dreamt of teaching through The Life of David for a long time, and I’m thrilled to be able to do so here at WCC. (By the way, did you know “dreamt” is the only word in the English language to end with “mt”? Yeah, interesting, huh?).

An explanation is probably in order for why we’re starting in 1 Samuel 8 instead of 16 when David is more officially introduced. The reason is that I don’t think we can really understand David unless we’re familiar with two men who greatly helped shape his life: Saul and Jonathan. As a result, we’ll start with Israel asking for a king and receiving Saul.

We’re also going through Romans during our Sunday Evening service; therefore, I’d like to encourage you to read through David’s life or Romans during your devotional times or as a family.

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