I’m Writing a Book!

As I discussed in some previous posts, I write a manuscript for each of my sermons, usually in the 6,300 to 6,700-word range. While my notes are worded in such a way that they work well for me to preach from, they’re still written out thoroughly enough that for some period of time I’ve wanted to turn them into a book. From September 7, 2014 through February 2, 2015 I preached a number of messages on marriage, and I’ll be taking the notes from those messages and turning them into my first book titled, Marriage God’s Way.

At the current time Katie, the kids, and I are in our hometown of McArthur, CA visiting Katie’s parents. We’re staying here close to a month, which means missing three Sundays…something I’ve never done before. Without having to focus on preparing a sermon, Sunday School message, Wednesday night teaching, meet with people, or deal with any of the typical work that comes up during the week, I’m able to give myself completely to putting this book together.

After uploading all of the sermon transcripts, the count is around 95,000 words. Up to this point it’s been enjoyable, but much more challenging than I thought editing all the material into a book that is organized and not repetitive. If you’re interested, I’ve been using Scrivener (thanks to our associate pastor’s wife Jess Connell for showing it to me), which if you’re into writing I would highly recommend. My first day here was largely spent going through the tutorial. A lengthy, but worthwhile investment.

I’m very thankful for this opportunity. I’m thankful for a wonderful associate pastor, Doug Connell, who wants me to have this time, has prayed for me, and is committed to taking care of everything while I’m gone. I’m thankful for our elders who supported me in this decision, and I’m thankful for a wonderful congregation, many of whom have written me saying something along the lines of, “We’re so glad you and your family have this time away.”

Each week I’ll post excerpts from the book. I hope they might bless you, and perhaps give you a desire to read the book when it’s published. I would greatly appreciate your prayers as I continue working. My desire is this book will strengthen marriages and give people an understanding of, and desire to be, husbands and wives as described in Scripture. My prayer is that this book will help people have, “Marriages God’s Way.”

Author: Scott LaPierre

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