Friendship with Josh Cronk

This weekend I was blessed to be visited by one of my best friends, Josh Cronk. He was a roommate of mine when I lived in Lemoore and then a groomsman in my wedding. There are a LOT of stories I could tell you about Josh, like the time he drove away from the gas station with the handle still in the tank, or the time he locked himself out of his house and had to climb through a 2nd story window in front of his neighbors when he wasn’t dressed appropriately. Instead I’ll tell you about a story that happened one Sunday night in Fresno after an evening service we attended…

There we were, two bachelors driving around with the same hope every young Christian man has: maybe tonight we’ll meet the Christian women God wants us to marry (NOTE: this was before I was introduced to courting)! Josh says, “Hey, a girl I’m friends with just texted me and wants to meet up at Mimi’s Café.” I say, “Josh, for some reason I think the girl you’re talking about has a boyfriend.” Josh: “No way. Plus she’s got a friend you’ll really like!” Could this be it? Could this be the night? (Obviously not since I married Katie and we met in high school, but stay with me anyway…)

We drove to the restaurant and ended up sitting in a corner booth. I’m on the outside across from the girl’s friend, and Josh and the girl that texted him are sitting in the middle next to each other. Things are looking pretty good until some guy walks in with an armful of flowers. I knew it had to be her boyfriend. I have no idea how he knew she was there, but he wanted to surprise her…which he definitely did as well as surprising everyone else including himself.

I don’t think I’ve been part of a more awkward situation in my entire life, and as you can probably guess I enjoyed every moment of it. As he slowly walked over to the booth, Josh and I stood up and allowed him to slide in, situating him between his girlfriend…and Josh. I probably had a huge smile on my face the whole time. Of course I tried to lighten the mood by asking questions like, Do you two come here often? How long have you been together? Where did you get the flowers?

Good times. I’m thankful for our friendship Josh!

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