Friday School, chess, wrestling & spiritual maturity

Last year we started having Friday School, a home-school co-op, at WCC. Mothers (and a few fathers too) bring their kids to the church from 9:00am to 12:30pm for a 30-minute chapel time followed by three one-hour-blocks of classes. Parents are expected to serve during two of the three periods by teaching or assisting in classes, monitoring the halls, helping in the nursery, etc. Then one of the hour blocks is a “prep time” (aka hang out in the teacher’s lounge [the conference room of the ed building] with other parents, eat snacks and talk). By the way, we’re always looking for more people, so if you’re interested in teaching a class or helping in some way, let Vicki Donald know!

I’ve really enjoyed my involvement each term. Previously I taught Old Testament Survey and chess, both classes I expect to teach again, especially since we only made it to 1 Kings in the OT and I only covered the Fried Liver Attack in chess. Yes, that’s really what it’s called and it’s very effective opening; here’s a win I had using it recently. You can respond to it with the Traxler Counterattack. Here’s a recent win I had as black over a much higher opponent using that opening. If you happen to know either of these openings, then I’m really impressed (although I doubt that’s the feeling you have toward me as a result of my familiarity) and you should send me an invite to play on; my username is PastorWCC.

Anyway, last term I taught/coached two wrestling classes with the help of Trevor Newburn (and Lane when he could make it). One class had the ‘older’ kids (mostly teenagers), and the other class had the ‘younger’ kids like Brooks Ordway, Davin Cooper, and my sons Ricky and Johnny. For the first few weeks I tried to teach the same moves in each class, but for the younger kids I’d make the moves simpler: if a move had three steps for the older kids, I’d coach it in two steps for the younger kids. That went on for a few weeks until it became obvious to me (and probably anyone watching) that even that was too much for the younger kids. I kept thinking: “I wish they were more mature. I wish they’d do what I ask. I wish they’d pay attention to what I tell them. Then I’d be able to do so much more with them.” The whole situation made me think about myself. I wondered, How much more would God be able to do with me if I was more mature? Are there things God would teach me if I would pay more attention to what He’s said? Hebrews 6:1 says Let us move beyond the basic teachings about Christ and be taken forward to maturity. What are the areas of my life where I haven’t moved to maturity?


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