Fathers Preparing Their Families for Sunday Mornings

Last week we began our Sunday School class on purity for the fathers and sons. Part of the reason men should be pure is because God has called them to be the spiritual leaders of their families, which are like mini-churches with fathers as the pastors. That’s why I prefer wives ask their husbands biblical questions instead of asking me, so husbands have the privilege of being the spiritual leaders of their wives. If husbands don’t know the answer, they can ask me and I’ll do my best to find the answer and pass it along to the husband and then he can teach his family.

Since a father’s purity has a direct impact on his ability to lead his family well I’d like to provide a challenge for the men that compliments the purity class. I’d like to ask them to do something fairly simple that won’t require much time or preparation, but that I believe could provide some real blessings: I’d like to ask fathers to read the verses I’ll be covering on Sunday morning with their families on Saturday evenings; if they’re busy on Saturday evenings, hopefully they could reschedule for earlier in the day. Aside from giving fathers a nice opportunity to lead their families spiritually, I see some other benefits like:

  • Preparing the family for Sunday morning
  • Building some anticipation for the sermon
  • Developing some familiarity with the verses so more can be gleaned from the sermon
  • Providing some wonderful family time around God’s Word, probably also leading to great discussion and interaction

Since I go verse-by-verse, you’ll almost always be safe just picking up where I left off from the previous Sunday, but in Monday’s e-mail with the prayer requests and announcements I’ll still try to make sure I put the verses I expect to cover.

One of the main reasons men don’t lead their families spiritually (along with laziness) is fear. It’s intimidating thinking about opening the Word with your family. Fathers shouldn’t look at this as a sermon they have to preach or Bible study they have to lead. It can be a simple reading of the verses followed by the father asking the family to share their thoughts. Wives can play an important role in this by encouraging their husbands.

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