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Dec 11, 2011

From the Pastor…

This past week someone shared something with me that I found particularly encouraging. Last Saturday the youth went skiing. A few weeks before the trip, one of the youth thought it would be a good idea if they took a little time out to have a Bible study/devotional. He began preparing and spread the word to some of the other youth so they’d know what was planned for the trip. On Saturday they stopped skiing to get together and look at Ecclesiastes. I was told the reason for the devotional was to “make sure we’re putting God first and not making Him feel like skiing is more important than Him.” I was really blessed to hear this story. In particular, I was really proud of this desire in the youth.


On another note, while I’ve never had people come up to me after a message (whether here or before coming to Woodland), and say I was preaching at them. In a smaller church where the pastor has the opportunity to know the congregation pretty well, there’s an even greater possibility for people to feel this way. Not only would I not do that, if anything, I hate when I’m preparing a message and I feel like someone might take something that way. It almost makes me want to change my sermon (which I don’t do by the way even if I have that fear, because it would be doing everyone a disservice).


Finally, if you’re wondering what we have going on sermon-wise over the following weeks, here’s a breakdown:

  • Dec 11th (today) – 2 Chr 16 – Finish studying King Asa
  • Dec 18th – 2 Chr 26 – Look at King Uzziah; our last sermon on Finishing Strong
  • Dec 25th – Christmas Sermon
  • January 1st – A New Year’s Sermon for our church; I know you’ll all be tired from staying up late the night before, but please try to make it as it will be an important message regarding the direction of our church for the coming year.
  • January 8th – 2 Samuel 1 – Finally back to David! I’ve missed him too!

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