Cool Church Traditions

I like when churches have traditions, like the ones we’re establishing at Beach Camp (BC) and Family Camp (FC). Here are the traditions I see already in place as well as new traditions we’re developing…

  • Stopping at the Tillamook Cheese Factory after BC.
  • The WCC Annual Dodge Ball Tournaments at BC and Volleyball Tournaments at FC.
  • Even though it was freezing, and I could hardly talk when I was trying to perform the baptisms, and I almost died from hypothermia, and there are parts of my fingers and toes that are no longer working, I think it would be great if we kept holding baptisms each year in the ocean.
  • What I like to call the D-ZHAKY (Dave Zumstein Hike that Almost Kills You) at FC. I think we need t-shirts that say: “I survived the 2013 D-ZHAKY and all I got was this lousy shirt.” There could be a new color each year, and when someone accumulates a certain number of shirts they could be inducted into the D-ZHAKY Hall of Fame.
  • A great tradition that surprised everyone and is the beginning of a new era at WCC: the Donalds arriving on time to leave for camp. For any doubters I actually have a picture of Jim at the church, on time, holding up his watch. Believe it.
  • When Dave Zumstein said he would play in the dodge ball tournament, I was really excited because he’s made fun of the athletic pants I wear since I met him, and I thought I’d finally get to see him wear something that…I don’t know…someone might wear playing dodge ball. Then Dave showed up for the tournament and I was surprised (but then sort of not surprised) to notice he was wearing the same clothes he’d been wearing at camp…which look a lot like the clothes he wears at work…which look a lot like the clothes he wears to church events…and that he probably sleeps in…and probably got married in. Thinking maybe Dave forgot to change for the tournament I said, “I thought you might put on some athletic clothes to play?” Without smiling he said, “You’ve got to be kidding.” Anyway, apparently another well-established-tradition will be Dave’s selection of clothes.

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