Conferences and Speaking

Marriage God’s Way Conference

I hope you’ll join me for a wonderful weekend away (perfect Mother’s Day gift!) that will change your marriage forever! May 11th and 12th in Tigard, OR at the beautiful Embassy Suites. All the info is available at either link:

Would you (or your church) like to host a Marriage God’s Way Conference, Enduring Trials God’s Way Conference, or invite me for a speaking engagement?

If invited for a speaking engagement, you can expect:

  • Professionally prepared and delivered messages
  • A handout with lessons and discussion questions. For example:
  • Copies of my books to offer as gifts to increase registrations (if you desire)
  • Prompt replies to phone calls, emails, and/or text messages
  • Advertising of your event on my website and social media
  • Facebook ads and/or a Facebook event page so the event will serve as an outreach
  • Contact info shared with attendees and responses to any of their communication following the event
  • I am thankful to be compensated by having copies of my books purchased for those attending.

Sample Schedule for Marriage God’s Way and Enduring Trials God’s Way Conferences

  • Friday—7:00PM—Session 1
  • Saturday:
    • 9:00AM—Session 2
    • 10:00AM—Break and discussion time/table talk
    • 10:30AM—Session 3
    • 11:30PM—Lunch
    • 1:00PM—Session 4
    • 2:00PM—Break and discussion time/table talk
    • 2:30PM—Session 5
    • 3:30PM—Questions and Answers
    • 4:30PM—Conference Concludes

There is flexibility:

  • Conferences can be spread over three days or kept to one day
  • Q&A sessions can be added after sessions

Five Sessions for Marriage God’s Way Conference:

  1. The Need to Be Prepared
  2. Understanding Trials Versus Discipline
  3. Proving Our Faith
  4. God’s Plan for Maturity
  5. Becoming Better or Bitter

Five Sessions for Enduring Trials God’s Way Conference:

  1. Temptations Facing Husbands and Wives
  2. A Husband’s Love
  3. A Wife’s Submission
  4. How Husbands Should Treat Their Wives
  5. How Wives Should Respect Their Husbands

Sample Speaking Messages Followed by Accompanying Handout Page


 Lesson 1: As we begin, make the decision to:

  • (Part I) Focus on ________ ____________________ more than your spouse’s.
  • (Part II) Turn your frustrations ________ ____________.
  • (Part III) Recognize your marriage is a reflection of your ________________________ with ____________.

Lesson 2: God created headship before ______ ________ (Genesis 2:16-17).

Lesson 3: Wives are tempted to:

  • (Part I) ______________ their husbands (Genesis 3:16 cf. 4:7).
  • (Part II) ______ their husbands (Proverbs 19:13b, 21:9, 19, 25:24, 27:15–16).

Lesson 4: Husbands are tempted to:

  • (Part I) Be ________________ (Genesis 3:16).
  • (Part II) ________________ their wives (Colossians 3:19; Genesis 3:16).
  • (Part III) Be ______________ (Genesis 3:17).

Lesson 5: Reverse the effects of The Fall by ______________ God’s ________________ for marriage.


Husband asks wife:

  • Do you feel like I am stubborn?
  • Do you feel like I am harsh or authoritarian with you?
  • Do you feel like I am passive?

Wife asks husband:

  • Do you feel like I try to control you?
  • Do you feel like I nag you?
  • Do you feel like I stir you up for good…or evil?


Lesson 1: ____________ ____________________ so you don’t see your sins in your children (2 Sam 13:21, 38-39, 14:33, 18:5; 1 Kin 1:6).

Lesson 2: Don’t let ________ ________ prevent you from disciplining your children (Pro 13:24, 19:18).

Avoid hypocrisy in parenting by:

Lesson 3: ________________ ________ you want from your children (Rom 2:1, 20-24; Matt 7:1-5).

Lesson 4: Telling your children ____________ __ ____________.

Family Worship Guide

Memory Verses: Romans 2:1

  1. Day 1—Read 2 Sam 13:21, 38-39, 14:33, 18:5, 1 Kin 1:6 and discuss: What sins did David see in the lives of his sons? In what ways did David’s sons’ sins reveal his sins? What are the dangers associated with viewing our children too sentimentally?
  2. Day 2—Read Pro 1:8-9, 3:12, 13:24, 19:18, 22:6 and discuss: Why didn’t David discipline his sons? Why would past sins prevent parents from disciplining their children? What can parents tell themselves when past sins prevent them from disciplining their children? When parents have sin-filled pasts what can they their children to avoid hypocrisy?
  3. Day 3—Read Rom 2:1, 20-24, Matt 7:1-5 and discuss: Do you have expectations for your children that you don’t have for yourself? What would your children say in answer to the previous question? Do your children see behaviors from you that you don’t want to see from them? Are you presenting a high view of God in your home, not just from what you profess, but the way you live?
  4. Day 4—Read Rom 3:9-23 and discuss: Why should parents share with their children that they’re sinners too? What are the dangers for parents if they don’t share with their children that they’re sinners too? Why is it important for parents to avoid making excuses to their children? What happens if children grow up with parents who regularly shift blame? In what ways can children see Christ through humble, loving parents?

Suggestions for prayer:

  1. Your pastors and elders: those who lead, feed, and care for the flock, and their families (Col 4:3, 2 Thes 3:1).
  2. Church members in need (1 Tim 2:1, Eph 6:18, Col 1:9).
  3. “Kings” and those in authority: President Trump, Vice President Pence, Governor Inslee (1 Tim 2:2).
  4. The spread of the Gospel: Missionaries and unreached people groups (Matt 9:37-38).

Speaking Endorsements

Eric Burd—Senior Pastor and President of Household of Faith Fellowship of Church

I so much appreciate the teaching ministry of Scott LaPierre. Saturated with sound doctrine, laced with stories and sprinkled with humor, listening to Scott is a real treat for anyone who enjoys practical, biblical teaching. He communicates in a way that captures and holds your attention while shoveling powerful spiritual truths in your direction. Get the funnel out and put it to your ears.

Michael and Susan Bradrick—Founders and directors of Family Discipleship Ministries and co-founders and board members of Christian Heritage

Scott is personally reaping the blessings of tenaciously studying God’s Word and then applying it first to himself, his marriage, and his family. He insightfully and engagingly shares God’s Word and its essential practical application with others through both his speaking and writing. You will be greatly blessed and helped in your own life by what Scott has to share.

John Thomas—Senior Pastor of Mayger Downing Community Church

Scott is a very gifted pastor and speaker. His Christ-centered messages inspire one to faith, hope, and love; stirring up desire to be a doer of the Word, not just a hearer only.

Tim and Julie Hansen—Directors of Christian Renewal Center

Scott has a needed message for couples today that is straight from God’s Word. Tim and I grew in some key areas after attending one of Scott’s Marriage Conferences and we have been married for 29 years and have participated in 32 marriage weekends. Good stuff!!

Katie LaPierre is also available for speaking engagements

Keynote speaker Katie LaPierre
Katie speaking at a ladies’ conference

My wife, Katie, also enjoys speaking at ladies’ events. Each week she goes over my sermon with me, two (and sometimes three) times. As a result, she’s become very familiar with preparing messages. She enjoys speaking on a variety of topics for women as well as facilitating Q&A’s.

As a pastor’s wife and home-schooling mother, she knows the different trials that women face. This leaves her feeling blessed whenever she has the opportunity to encourage other wives and mothers in their ministries to their husbands, children, and homes.

Here are samples of Katie’s teachings from ladies’ conferences as well as a video of one of her messages:

Contact me if interested in having me for a speaking engagement!