Beards, Firewood and Our Sin Natures

So Thursday night Katie and I were at the table having dinner and I said, “Do you think I should grow a beard?” She said, “Why do you ask me that? You’re never going to grow a beard.” As you can see I have a beard today. I don’t think I look good with a beard and I don’t really like having one (something that’s probably obvious based on Katie’s response), but since my wife challenged my manhood, of course I had to grow one.

When the firewood in our carport starts to get low, Gary comes over with his truck to help me load up some more from the shed behind the church. Some of the pieces in the shed are big enough to be cut into four pieces, but for reasons I’ll never understand Gary will come with his chainsaw and only cut them into halves. You would think he’d know how to cut wood small enough to fit into our fireplace since he used to be a logger and especially since it’s the same fireplace he has in his house, but this is what he does and I’m convinced it’s his way of messing with me like when he locked me out of his house in the snow and I almost died.

Anyway, so I have these huge pieces of wood that require a tremendous amount of skill to get into the fireplace. Occasionally when I’m putting one of the pieces in Katie will say, “You’re not going to get that to fit.” I might pull a muscle or burst a vein in my forehead, but you can be sure that piece of wood is going in the fireplace.

I think this is what Paul was talking about in Romans 7:8 when he said “sin, taking opportunity by the commandment, produced in me all manner of evil desire.” He meant that when we’re told we can’t do something, it makes us want to do it: the commandment [produces] all manner of evil desire [in us].

  • Katie: “You’re not going to grow a beard.”
  • Romans 7:8 in action: “I’m going to grow the longest beard you’ve ever seen.”
  • Katie: “You’re not going to get that piece of wood in the fireplace.”
  • Rom 7:8 in action: “I don’t care if I have to hold one end of this piece of wood outside the fireplace as the other end slowly burns and I push it in over the next few hours, it’s going in there.”

4 thoughts on “Beards, Firewood and Our Sin Natures

  1. Scott,
    Psychology majors are not psychology majors for nothing..
    John McCamish, BS Psychology, University of Oregon, 1987

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