Aug 5, 2012

From the Pastor,

We have a big week ahead of us! A number of people have been working very hard to ensure VBS goes wonderfully. As of now we have forty-five kids registered online, and lots of them don’t attend our church! That’s great as last year it seemed like most of the kids attending were our own. As you pray for this coming week’s success, pray especially for the salvation of the kids and that the kids’ excitement for God would be passed along to any unbelieving and/or unchurched parents. Hopefully we’ll see some of these children and their parents in the future if they aren’t already plugged in to church somewhere.

This morning I’ll be preaching at Clover Valley. They’re in the same position we were in two years ago looking for a pastor. During that time they were very gracious to us providing pastors to preach for the months until I was hired. Now we want to return the favor and try to help them out. That means they might call on our church again to provide a sermon for them.

This will be the first Sunday morning I’ve missed since coming in December 2010 and I have to say that although I’m looking forward to being with the people at CVCC I’m not looking forward to being away from WCC. I’m thankful though that God has brought Chris here to cover for me. Sure his jokes aren’t that good and he rambles on and on and he laughs really hard at the things he says and he talks a lot about graduating from DTS, but he has a high reverence for God’s Word and he does a great job expositing the Scriptures.

This also allowed Robert to cover Sunday School for Chris and Matthew to cover the Thursday night study for Robert. I like that because it’s letting the young men see how they feel teaching. This brings up a point I’d like to briefly discuss: we want to make sure we’re aware of the way God’s gifted us and how He wants to use us. Even though I’m the pastor I’m far from the only gifted teacher in the church. We should be looking at the people coming up in the church seeing how God has gifted them and see if there are ways for them to be using their gifts for the edification of the body. Maybe some of the younger men might feel inclined to preach at CVCC.

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