A letter to WCC from my wife regarding the Motherhood Conference

What a joy it has been to prepare for this Saturday’s Motherhood Conference. I have been so encouraged in my own motherhood journey in studying for my message.

This theme, motherhood, is very dear to me. What a gift it is! The Lord does much refining work through motherhood. There is nothing like being a mom. One of my biggest struggles is trusting the Lord with my children. So I have been studying and praying about that a lot. I also struggle with patience…every day. I often feel like I am not any good at parenting, but I am thankful that I have a God who is willing to meet me where I’m at with these struggles. He is the perfect Parent and He is able to teach me and guide me as a mom. I seek to point my children back to Him and make sure they know mommy is a messed up sinner in need of a big Savior!

I am also thankful to be surrounded by sisters in Christ who are going through similar circumstances and feelings and can hold me up in prayer. Motherhood can be lonely, but I have a real sense of community here that comforts me and reminds me that I’m not alone. Thank you to everyone helping me put this conference together!

I’m praying this conference encourages mothers, as all of us mothers need it! If you are a mother be sure to come and invite your friends. We will have four speakers and special music from the Voetberg family. Lori Anderson will be speaking on parenting even when it’s hard. I will be speaking on the differences between a godly mother and a worldly mother and I will conclude on talking about how God sees us and is well acquainted with all our ways. Lisa Voetberg will be speaking on putting our perfect expectations in Christ, not ourselves. Vicki Donald will be talking about how the enemy has always wanted to tempt us to question what God has said.

I would like to close with my  favorite quote on motherhood: “The woman who makes a sweet, beautiful home, filling it with love and prayer and purity, is doing something better than anything else her hands could find to do beneath the skies. God sends many beautiful things to this world, many noble gifts; but no blessing is richer than that which He bestows in a mother who has has realized the meaning of her sacred calling.” – J.R. Miller

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