A Few Things Happening at WCC

This post is going to be a little different as I’m going to elaborate on a few of the weekly announcements…

At the women’s meeting last week, I guess everyone was like, “Pastor Scott doesn’t like babies and that’s why he doesn’t do baby dedications. Why didn’t he tell us that when he was candidating? He’s like the disciples who wouldn’t let the little children come to Jesus.” Okay, none of that’s true, but I guess women were wondering why we haven’t been having baby dedications even though we’ve been blessed with a number of wonderful babies. The truth is, I’ve been wondering the same thing! I figured maybe we just didn’t do them here, which saddened me. So if you want to dedicate your baby, let me know!

Second, we’re going to begin a Sunday School class on purity in the basement of the parsonage (so it’s private). I would like to encourage the men in the church to come with their sons. The content and discussion will be mature though, so if I had to give an age, I’d say 11 or 12 should be the lower range, which is the age of the boys in Jim’s class. Jim, as well as the boys in his class, will head over to join us. The other Sunday School classes will take place as normal and if you’re not comfortable with your son attending the purity class, he can attend Michealine Manor’s class in the ed building. Please keep in mind that your boys have probably already been well exposed to the content of the topics we’ll be discussing.

The girls from Jim’s class will be joining the other ladies in the fellowship hall. It’s not determined yet what they will be doing, but I think it would be a nice compliment to the men focusing on purity for the ladies to discuss modesty. Modesty is the best way for Christian women to help their brothers in Christ stay pure. The ladies don’t have to focus on modesty the entire time. They could if they wanted, or they could move on to other topics of interest and benefit.

Katie received some feedback expressing interest in going through a book of the Bible; Ruth and Esther were recommended. So perhaps the ladies can go through one of those books after discussing modesty, or in place of modesty if there’s no interest in that topic or nobody wants to cover it. If you’re a lady and you have some thoughts on the class please let me know!

2 thoughts on “A Few Things Happening at WCC

  1. Hi Scott!
    So, I know I’m not even there to participate, but my first response to your letter was curiosity: why didn’t you guys just suggest that the women also do a study on Purity? Modesty is just one aspect of female purity (although it’s the one that takes the most heat). I have generally found you’ll get farther if you focus on teaching a young lady how to focus on purifying her heart before Christ, and then modesty becomes a much easier subject to handle. =)
    Anyway, it’s just a thought, (and I’m not there to offer to teach said class like I’d like to), but I think it’s important to not underestimate the amount of garbage girls in our day-in-age deal with either.

    1. Great points Sara! I think we usually think of purity as more of a guy thing, but you’re right, it would be beneficial for the ladies too and I’m sure in the process they’d deal with modesty…hopefully. Guess you’re just going to have to move back to make sure this gets taken care of the right way :).

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